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The Hives

Our Philosophy


Follow the Golden Rule, and apply it beyond our own species.

In the case of our

bees this is how we apply this truth


*We do not put our bees out for monocrop pollination. Just as man cannot live on bread alone, we don't feel that one crop can offer a varied enough diet for their well-being, we also avoid the toxic overload of pesticide exposure too often used on these crops.


*We do not transport our bees. Even though it always seems like a nice idea to winter in warmer climes, this long distance journey is quite stressfull, demands "junk" feeding and overheating. Nevermind the ineviatable transport of disease.


* We are fortunate enough not to have to premedicate, nor treat with harmful chemicals. Prevention is always the best medicine. That and a whole heap of TLC.

Tending Bees has become big business. As with most big business, balance and ethics can too often come into question. You can read our philosophy below, but first consider these questions:

*Where does your honey come from and what are the agricultural practices of that area?

*What are the practices of the beekeeper who harvests your honey and are they in alignment with your intentions towards these sacred pollinators.


Unfortunately nothing is perfect and the pollinators plight is simply another example, yet with transparency and education it is our hope that we can regain a balance with these creatures on which our lives depend for more than their liquid gold. 



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