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Being that we don't transport to pollinate specific crops we decided 

to spin in various herbs, fruits, roots and barks to expand on your 

experience. All of these flavors are created on site and formulated by a certified herbalist. It is always only our own raw honey with organic and sustainably sourced plants. 

Here's to your palette 


The obvious first choice to save our busy daughters a couple of minutes in the morning. Now they no longer have to sprinkle the cinnamon on their honey, they can simply spread the whole thing


Whenever we get colds we always turn to our honey, often making a strong ginger tea and adding it in. This way the water became optional. Now we use it with everything for it's added warmth and zing.


From the Ayurvedic tradition of combining Turmeric and Honey, also known as Golden Honey. In this blend we also add a touch of Black Pepper which enables your body to assimilate the curcumin. If you need a spoonful of Honey to make the medicine go down this is it.


One of my fondest memories is visiting a lavender farm with our daughters and my mother-in-law Amy. This flavor is in honor of her and how well she represented the cool, calming, healing effect of this plant, nevermind always smelling heavenly. Simply lovely.


Who would think this counts a medicine

The theobromine in chocolate is more affective for a cough than codeine, combined with the soothing ability of the honey you have an amazing combo for a cough! Never mind chasing away the dementors.

Another amazing example of nature's compassion to make something so delicious available to heal what ails you.

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